Books provide link for mum and sons

A busy working mum has published two short children's books, which were originally written for her sons.

Thursday, 18th January 2018, 2:18 pm

Nicola Swift-Hunter, of Cramlington, works full-time juggling two businesses and is also mum to two young boys, Jake and Hayden.

She decided to write stories for her boys as a way of being close to them, even if she wasn’t around, with life being very hectic.

And now the books, There is a Little Spider and Super Fred, have been released.

Nicola said: “I started writing children’s stories for my children. It was a way of trying to keep a bond between them and myself, to do something special for them to try to make up for when I’m sometimes not there to actually spend time with them as much as I’d like to be.

“I found tthat writing the stories also helped with stress, it was a way of putting stress on hold.”

She added: “I wrote the stories intentionally to be a ‘quick read before bed’. It’s hard as a working parent sometimes to find the time because of demanding work schedules, but a quick story ith your children can mean so much to them and you as a parent.”

Nicola has sold more than 140 copies so far to family and friends.