BOWLS: Facility was fully used

Further to the response ‘There is still plenty to do’, regarding the closure of the indoor bowling green at Concordia (News Post Leader, August 20).

Not all of the bowlers are old, retired people, and many do walk and swim, but there are also many who are physically not able to do so.

They could play bowls in the winter months in a warm comfortable and friendly environment.

As far as space requiring to make so much money, the indoor bowling green was used seven days per week, often from 9.30am until 10pm.

And although our membership may have reduced, we paid the normal price for every hour we played, something other activities do not have to do.

I would like to know how much the new ten-pin bowling activity will produce.

How would AG McRobb like to be told that he could not pursue his chosen sport? I hope when he reaches retirement age, he enjoys walking outside in the cold and rain.

It is sad, but golfers want to play golf, badminton players want to play badminton, and yes, bowlers want to play bowls.

Susan Turnbull