Brave Callum back after US operation

Callum recovering in hospital after his operation.
Callum recovering in hospital after his operation.

A brave youngster from the county has returned from America after an operation to help him walk.

Eleven-year-old Callum Brown, from Seaton Sluice, underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery in the US in 2013 after the community helped raise £75,000 to pay for the operation.

Now the youngster, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has returned from another operation at St Louis Children’s Hospital to lengthen his heel cords – as well as bone surgery they were not aware he also needed.

Callum’s mum Sharon said: “The surgeon looked at his feet and decided that just doing his heel cords was not enough to correct his foot position, so he told us he needed to do bone surgery plus tendo achillies lengthening.

“Callum is now in a cast from the knee down for five weeks, then he will have the cast removed and has to slowly get back to walking and strengthening his new feet and ankles.

“The long term outlook is that he will have a solid base and if he works hard and gets good strength back, he will no longer need to wear the splints.

“One day he will manage just normal shoes and hopefully be able to ditch the sticks.

“He will need to see a physio and strength coach twice a week and could do with some intense therapy, which all costs money.

“We have no funds left at all, so anything that people can do to help would be amazing.”

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