BREXIT: Aware what vote meant

Having become increasingly disillusioned with many of those at Westminster and elsewhere over their negative stand on Brexit, I was thus all the more pleased to read Ronnie Campbell's letter, (News Post Leader, December 7).

Tuesday, 26th December 2017, 1:39 pm

In it, he again makes clear whose side he is on and why, hitting back at some who appear to think that the vote to come out of the EU can still be reversed.

I believe that this would allow the ‘Brussels gravy train’ to continue at Britain’s expense.

Contrary to what this negative faction may think, certainly most of those I encounter who voted to leave knew full well what they were doing, as I myself did, when they exercised their democratic right, and we haven’t changed course at all.

Good on you, Ronnie.

Carry on making the case for common sense and giving your backing in the process.

Ian Ashbridge