BREXIT: Different view of past

In reply to the letter from Charles Thompson, (News Post Leader, January 4), the referendum was a vote, not a poll.

Saturday, 20th January 2018, 6:02 am

No one said we wanted to turn back the clock, but we want to have our freedom back. We don’t want to be ruled by another country, we want UK laws.

You were very wrong about those travels abroad because they were available. I went on several with my mum. I worked in a factory and mum was a cleaner, no high wage here.

And when I was in hospital in 1966 my nurses were not from the UK either.

I believe you are wrong on what you’re trying to put across to those who were not born in these times.

As far as I’m aware, Brexit means having our Parliament to issue UK laws, stopping immigration to those who should not be allowed in, such as convicted criminals, and giving back our seas to our fisher people.

Susan Turnbull