BREXIT: Difficult to be relaxed

I write in reply to Ms Turnbull's letter about Brexit, (News Post Leader, August 11).

Sunday, 21st August 2016, 6:00 am

Thank you for your reassuring words with regards to my concerns over Brexit.

My work is based around facts and evidence so please excuse my outlook.

The only facts I can see currently are that there never was, and still is not, any plan to deal with the extremely complicated exit from the EU.

Once Article 50 is put in place we will have two very short years to find our way.

The agricultural policy and the fisheries boundary suggestions are separate issues and should be treated as such. Farmers will not benefit from any such boundary in our seas.

If they were blended into one issue I feel this might only confuse things further.

There has been no concrete statement regarding EU citizens remaining in the UK and vice versa.

The pension issue has also not been readily addressed as yet.

I really do wish I could share your relaxed attitude towards such a complex debate and can only be envious as to your outlook.

If we could sit back and relax to solve our political problems then our country would be in a much better place, probably not having to deal with the enforced austerity measures of central government.

The main political figures who spearheaded Brexit seem to have distanced themselves now.

This is understandable as by my reckoning Boris Johnson now owes our NHS £2.6bn from his promise to revitalise our health service with the money being paid into the EU every week.

I can only live in hope, but I think I might find it difficult to sit back and see what unfolds.

Simon Tyler

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