BREXIT: Get on with daily issues

Yet again we are being deluged with Brexit and last week had another diatribe on this matter by Charles Thompson.

Monday, 7th May 2018, 6:37 am

I agree we were given a lot of false information, but we have voted and as a democracy we have to accept this; so let’s get over it and get on with what now has to be accomplished.

Let’s get on with dealing with important daily issues in our town, where standards are appalling in areas such as litter, drivers who do not give signals, especially on roundabouts, and who speed around the area as if it was a racing circuit, and people who cause hurt and distress to others by their anti-social behaviour.

We are all responsible for the actions we take in life. The attitude now seems to be ‘why bother’ or let somebody else clear up the mess – these are not the actions of a responsible society.

We all want to have the best decisions made for Brexit, but there is no one who will ever be able to give us the true outcome because it is all forecast and hope that it will be alright – who knows?

Mrs Margaret Robson