BREXIT: Get out now, while we can

Gordon Milward writes that Brexit is too complex for '˜Joe Soap', (News Post Leader, January 11).

Sunday, 28th January 2018, 5:58 am

You have to agree that the whole Brexit affair is very complex and no one at this time is really sure what the exact outcome will be. There is no point in speculating until things become clearer.

Clearly a lot of people in this country, including me, are disillusioned with the European Union.

It appears that we are being run by unelected bureaucrats, who make big decisions with billions of our money and little accountability.

The bill for this exclusive club, and all the bureaucracy that goes with it, will always go up. What will the bill be in ten years, 30 years? Is anyone thinking ahead?

Ever closer integration is being talked about. Do we really need this burden and the costs associated with it?

I could go on about the influx of people who claim benefits and inundate towns. Can we continue to cope with this, bearing in mind the cuts to the NHS, etc?

The European system, to me, is ill thought-out and burdens us with bureaucracy, while extracting the maximum amount of money from us to pay for it all.

I shudder to think what the situation will be in the years ahead. It may burn itself out because of the vast costs. I say, get out while we can.

M Wallace