BREXIT: Heading for worst deal

I would like to reply to Charles Thompson's letter in full, but I must admit I fell asleep before reading the end of it, (News Post Leader, April 26).

Sunday, 6th May 2018, 6:37 am

The first point is it was a referendum, not an election, so no manifesto was needed.

I believe that the vast majority of misinformation came from the Remain camp.

Regarding who promised what, only an idiot would believe 50 per cent of the promises made and be very sceptical about the other 50 per cent. People with common sense, ie the majority of voters, see through the lies and false statistics. Charles seems to think the voters cannot separate facts from fiction.

His comment about boring experts and a £40bn hole is mythical, the “supposed” £350m per week we pay the EU is very real.

As net contributors to the EU budget we paid in £13.1bn, for which we received back £4.5bn in EU subsidies to arts, science, farmers and deprived regions, making £8.6bn the EU keeps for tunnels through the Alps, hotels, shopping centres and beachfront improvements to Mediterranean countries who receive far more than they put in.

The question was quite simple really, “Do you want to leave the EU, yes or no”? Almost 52 per cent of one of the highest turnouts (71 per cent) for a ballot voted yes.

The Prime Minister David Cameron promised he would respect the result, but when it did not go the way he wanted he resigned. Even if he would not stand up to the EU’s shabby treatment of the second biggest net contributor to the EU, the majority of the British people would.

We had seen the EU treat us like mugs and could see France and Germany were the real decision makers. A lot of legislation was against British interests and that was not what we signed up to.

France and Germany took over many British companies then closed the British plants and the work went to the parent company abroad.

The result we have seen since joining the EU is the death of ship building, steel making, iron foundries, Vickers, arms factories, large electrical manufacturers, Reyrolle, Parsons, Clark Chapmans, ICI – all north east firms employing hundreds of thousands of skilled workers who passed their skills onto thousands of apprentices.

We voted to come out of Europe entirely, not for half in-half out.

We are going to end up with the worst deal imaginable – that is being tied to the common market without a say or being able to stop any laws that directly impact on the British people.

The EU tried for years to get control of Britain’s oil and gas fields by saying they should be classed as a common market asset, it was only our veto that prevented it happening. That veto will no longer exist if we are tied to the EU laws and custom union.

P Robinson