BREXIT: How will we benefit?

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Having written to our parliamentary representative, Ronnie Campbell MP, now on no fewer than eight occasions asking him how Brexit will benefit me and my fellow Blyth Valley constituents, I have yet to receive a response.

He sometimes has a column in this paper in which he says that he campaigned to leave the EU “for good, old fashioned reasons”, but fails to state exactly what these are.

He also writes that the EU is undemocratic and Brussels is full of unelected bureaucrats. However, the most basic of research shows that neither of these claims are correct.

We know that the north east has the most to lose from Brexit – 61.7 per cent of our regional exports head to the EU27 and a ‘no deal’ Brexit will lead to a 16 per cent decline in our future GDP – and that the north east is a major beneficiary of EU funding.

There is now a suggestion that Russia interfered in the referendum.

In light of all this, I think that we need some evidenced-based facts on how Brexit will benefit us here in Blyth Valley from Mr Campbell.

Having failed to get a personal response from him, I am hoping that through the columns of the News Post Leader he will be moved to reply to my question.

Lynda McKenna