BREXIT: No facts to back leaving

I note that in Ronnie Campbell's column he laudably writes about stopping privatisation creeping into the NHS '“ a very important subject (News Post Leader, February 22).

Monday, 5th March 2018, 6:14 am

However, he does not write about the equally important subject of the leaks from the Department for Exiting the European Union paper, which indicate that the North East will be the worst affected region in the UK following Brexit, suffering a fall in GDP of 16 per cent.

How will this decline in growth impact on the future prospects of Blyth Valley? And, indeed, the money available to fund our public services, including the NHS?

I have now asked Mr Campbell on no fewer than four occasions how Brexit will be beneficial for the UK and, in particular, my fellow residents of Blyth Valley.

He has yet to give me an answer other than to disparage ‘unelected bureaucrats’ in the EU.

The unelected bureaucrats he refers to can only be the civil servants of the EU Commission. These individuals are unelected, as are the civil servants employed in the UK, so I do not understand his issue with them.

If there were some evidence-based, clearly defined benefits in our leaving the EU and we would be better off out than in, then I might sign up to leaving.

But, almost two years on from the referendum, I have found no one that can provide me with any facts supporting the case to leave.

Lynda McKenna