BREXIT: Still waiting for the facts

I am writing in response to a letter regarding leaving the EU by Mr Tyler, (News Post Leader, August 18).

Sunday, 28th August 2016, 6:00 am

The government made its points prior to voting. The people of the UK made their vote, their own decision, their own vote.

There was always going to be one side win, one side lose. It’s life. We learn about win and lose when we are in school. It was a one-time vote. It can’t be changed.

I am curious about the point made by Mr Tyler that “my work is based around evidence and facts”, yet the information of where these facts are located is not stated.

Nobody knows what changes are going to happen. The council, the internet, MPs, even the public, have assumptions, but no one actually knows. We all have statistics, but until they come from the government, and until article 50 is in place and we hear what changes will occur, then it’s all assumptions.

Too many people are using Brexit as an excuse for mishaps and change. Everyone has a different opinion on Brexit, what will be will be.

As a country we have survived far worse and we will deal with whatever happens. We did have a good strong country before we joined the EU.

As adults we have to accept that everyone has a different view and opinion. I was shocked to see Mr Tyler criticise the other reader’s letter because they have a different opinion, accusing them of having a relaxed attitude towards Brexit.

He goes on to state that those who supported Brexit have “distanced themselves”. Have you thought that people are getting on with their life? That the majority have accepted the vote outcome, or are waiting to see what changes comes into place when the government triggers Article 50?

I’ll leave it to Downing Street to release the actual facts. When the time comes we will deal with it. We are not the first European country to leave the EU. I am sure we will not be the last.

A Patterson

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