BREXIT: Support the negotiators

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In 2016 our nation voted in a referendum to decide whether we stayed in the European Union.

I voted to remain, but those who wanted to leave had the majority.

The Government is now tasked to negotiate our separation from the European Union.

To do this the UK Government must terminate our membership and deliver a free trade agreement acceptable to both the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Unfortunately, I believe that the attempts of our Government to secure an agreement that will be of benefit to both sides is being sabotaged at the most critical time in the negotiations.

This sabotage must stop.

Our team, negotiating on behalf of the United Kingdom, is experiencing its efforts being hampered on a daily basis by all parties, including their own.

This is outrageous and contemptuous.

Our nation voted democratically to leave the European Union and, as such, every British citizen should be seen to support our negotiators.

They must be able to work unhindered, and not be undermined.

Every citizen should write or email parliament expressing support for ‘our’ negotiators.

Alan Thompson

Newbiggin by the Sea