BREXIT: Too complex for Joe Soap

I refer to the letter from Ian Ashbridge, Aware What Vote Meant, and more specifically his assertion that '˜most of those I encounter who voted to leave knew full well what they were doing', (News Post Leader, December 21).

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 5:30 am

Given all the reactions since the referendum (and we haven’t even left yet) – exchange rates, economic growth and so on – the likelihood (or otherwise) of the Brexit promises being fulfilled, such as £350million to the NHS per week, and the need for and lack of impact assessments, if Ian really was fully aware of what he was voting for, he should gather his acquaintances together and pop to Westminster to advise David Davis.

The decision of whether or not to leave the EU is far too complex for ministers and MPs, let alone Joe and Josephine Soap.

Gordon Milward