Brigade at war event

As the country marks the centenary of the First World War, The Boys’ Brigade is reflecting on the contribution its members made.

Looking back, it is perhaps surprising to learn that within the first year of the Great War, 100,000 officers and ex-members joined the armed forces to serve our country.

Our own historical records show brigade members and ex-members took on many different valuable roles such as buglers enlisted to sound the all clear when air raids were over, offering support at ambulance stations, guarding public infrastructure and helping deliver messages.

Among those which risked their lives, 11 were awarded the Victoria Cross and 93 the Military Cross, amongst other medals for service.

In honour of our fellow members, ten young people from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland attended the National Commemorative Service at Glasgow Cathedral on Monday for the centenary of the start of the First World War to mark Britain’s involvement.

This is a thought provoking time and as we celebrate our 130th year, I am grateful to all who have come before us and to our current members who continue to contribute so richly to our societies.

Steve Dickinson

Chief Executive Officer

The Boys’ Brigade