Bring back the firework display

WHAT a dissapointment Guy Fawkes night has became now in the biggest populated town in Northumberland.

Blyth’s fireworks display was one of the best nights of the year for this town, especially when it was held at the Quayside area with fantastic theme music, street entertainers, artists and the continental market accompanying it, drawing in hundreds and hundreds of visitors from the surrounding area.

Now families have to leave the town to find a public display, meaning that the local businesses lose out on one of the potentially busiest nights of the calendar.

For instance, the pubs, restaurants and takeaway outlets were absolutely heaving before and after the fireworks displays in 2007/08/09, with hordes of people still streaming up Plessey Road a good hour after the firework finale, people were popping in to the pubs and takeaways along the route home and those stalls for the continental market were heaving with custom throughout the night.

Many, many residents have expressed their wish for that fabulous local event to be re-instated on social media networks and if the current powers-that-be want to build upon the positive aspects of Blyth, then surely making the Sunday nearest November 5 to be a showcase event for Blyth should be considered as an idea for 2013.