Bring balance about Blyth’s supposed decline into debate

No-one feels the frustration people have about the supposed decline of Blyth more keenly than me.

I love our town, and I am never happy to see a single empty or derelict building.

That’s why I’ve campaigned against empty houses in South Croft, which are a crime when there are thousands who need a decent affordable home.

That’s why I want new uses to be found for Westgate House and Bridge House, and all the other empty properties.

I’m only a town councillor, though, and, like my county council colleagues, I don’t have the power to turn investors away when they want to spend money in Blyth.

If outside agencies want to build new offices on the Quayside should I tell them ‘No’, and demand that they take over a vacant building, whether it suits their needs or not?

What does strike me as odd though is that no one has commented on the good stories, like the new council houses being built or the flats being bought from the official receiver to keep up a stream of affordable rented housing.

It’s time to get some balance into this debate, before we talk our town down and make things worse than they really are.

Coun Carol Bruce