Broadband net gain for thousands more homes

THOUSANDS more homes and businesses have been provided with super-fast broadband, thanks to a £2.5bn investment by BT.

More than 15,000 householders and firms in Ashington are joining the high-speed internet revolution.

That takes the number of premises with access to fibre broadband in the county to more than 70,000.

Bedlington and Blyth’s networks have already been upgraded.

BT’s local network business, Openreach, aims to make the high-speed technology available to around two thirds of UK homes and businesses by the end of 2014.

It will use a mix of fibre-to-the-cabinet and fibre-to-the-premises technologies, both of which offer faster speeds than those currently available to many homes and businesses.

Farooq Hakim, BT’s north east regional manager, said: “The advent of fibre broadband in Ashington is a massive fillip for businesses and households in the communities.

“It will enrich people’s lives and bring a much-needed boost to businesses in these economically challenging times.

“They’re joining 11 million UK premises which are now passed by one of the world’s fastest growing fibre networks.

“Fibre broadband offers local firms and households new ways of working flexibly and allows large data and video files to be sent and received almost instantly.

“Other benefits include access to high-quality video conferencing and better back-up of computer systems.”