BUDGET: Care should be priority

I couldn't agree more with Conservative group leader Peter Jackson about spending on the new council HQ, (News Post Leader, February 25).

Saturday, 12th March 2016, 6:00 am

So many people are not rightly being funded for the care they are entitled too. Patients and families are being deprived of the support they are desperately in need of. It is both appalling and unacceptable.

It is all down to budget, targets and, of course, that well known word – cuts.

I personally have fought long and hard to obtain help and support for my 91-year-old father who is deteriorating progressively with Alzheimer’s, a very cruel disease.

The brick wall continues to get higher when needing further assistance, and I feel heartbroken for the people who are on their own and have no family to fight their corner, and will be ultimately turned away or ‘fobbed off’.

Bricks and mortar, such as fancy state of the art council offices, seem to take preference, but what about the personal, passionate, professional wellbeing of a human being?

I ask you, can you afford it? Do you need it? Then don’t build it.

Get your priorities in order and put care and wellbeing first.

A Brady