Building blocks must be in place

Giving young people a helping hand to ensure they enjoy the best possible start in life is arguably the finest legacy any generation can leave.

Invariably that involves giving educational opportunities to learn and achieve qualifications that will set them up for rewarding careers.

Good to know, therefore, that young people from my constituency are getting and taking those opportunities as evidenced by success rates in this year’s A-level exams.

Take for example the students at Ashington High, who have just posted the best A-levels in the school’s history with an overall pass rate of 99.5 per cent compared to a national average of 98 per cent.

An exceptional achievement by the school and its results were replicated across other local high schools.

Many young people will be moving into higher education and we can only wish them the best as they continue to study for their chosen careers.

All teaching staff must be congratulated for their hard work and commitment to ensure their students have the right academic platforms for success, but those at Ashington High and Bedlington High will also be encouraged to know plans are in place to improve facilities at both schools.

The right building blocks must be put in place to ensure our young people can learn in facilities comparable with the very best in the country, if they are to achieve their goals in life.