Bungalow age limit rightly cut

IN response to the letter ‘Why reduce the bungalow limit?’ (News Post Leader, May 3), I may not know the reason why the council has reduced the age limit for bungalows to 16, but I am very pleased to hear that they have.

My father was diagnosed with dementia in his late 40s and by the age of 50 his mobility was very limited and getting up the stairs was just an accident waiting to happen.

However, as my father was under the age of 60 he was not eligible to apply for a bungalow.

After many conversations back and forward with the housing association he was finally put higher up the list of applicants but could still only apply for bungalows that qualified as ‘disabled adapted’.

It took two years to finally be offered a bungalow, during which time a lot of nicer and perfectly suitable bungalows came up for rent to people over the age of 60.

Myself and my family were disgusted that age should be given priority over mobility needs.

Why should a perfectly healthy 60-year-old be given a bungalow just because they are of that age?

I don’t care if the person is 16 or 85. If someone needs or wants a bungalow, they should be offered the choice of a bungalow.

I can’t speak for the council, but I think a healthy 16-year-old would not be put top of the list if a bungalow did become available and common sense and priority would be applied.

I only hope the housing associations see this change and follow suit.