Burglars receive warning letters as part of crackdown

Burglars are being warned to be on their best behaviour over the Christmas period as part of a police crackdown.

Wednesday, 21st December 2016, 7:00 am
Northumbria Police are sending out letters to burglars as part of a Christmas crackdown.

Letters are being sent to people identified as a potential burglar due to their previous convictions.

The letter recognises their may be contributing factors but warns if they refuse help or will not accept their criminal behaviour needs to change and continue to be involved in burglary, police pursue them to prevent further burglaries.

Chief Inspector Jerry Pearson said: “Tackling burglary very much lies at the root of the issue and that is preventing people from committing the offences in the first instance.

“We know there can be factors contributing towards an individuals criminal behaviour, such as alcohol or drug dependency and it can become a vicious circle.

“The purpose of this letter is to let these individuals know there is support available to help them change their behaviour and help to get them out of the cycle.

“But if they choose not to get help and continue to be involved in burglary we will be left with no option other than to use every available resource to target and disrupt their activity.

“If they are arrested for burglary we will seek to have them remanded in custody, which with Christmas only a few weeks away, could see them spending the festive season away from their family and friends.

“Burglary, in particular house burglary, has a devastating affect on victims and something we take incredibly seriously, we won’t tolerate criminality of this nature in our communities and will do all we can to stop it from happening.”

Police also want to remind people of the simple crime prevention measures they can take to help put burglars off.

Ch Insp Pearson added: “Unfortunately, burglars prey on easy opportunities and an unlocked front door is an invitation to them, those who are desperate to steal will not think twice about trying the front door and if its open letting themselves into the property – even in broad daylight.”

Crime prevention advice in the run up to Christmas includes:

• Lock doors both, front and back, even if you are in the property and especially at night.

• Don’t leave presents under the Christmas tree that can be seen from the street.

• Be mindful when you are taking gifts into the house from the car, try and cover them as much as possible.

• Don’t store valuable Christmas gifts in an insecure garage, shed or outbuilding.

• Once Christmas presents have been opened be mindful of how the box it came in is disposed of. Leaving the box of an expensive TV by the bin is an open advert to burglars there is a brand new state of the art TV in the house.