BUS: Reasons to keep service

We hope, through the News Post Leader and the local council, that we can prevent the removal of the X13 bus service from Sandringham Drive in September.

We are told that Arriva had a consultation with Blyth residents before making this decision, but we believe that nobody on the Sandringham Drive or Woodlands Park areas of the estate was notified of this consultation period to put forward their opinions until Arriva made the decision that the removal of the service was going ahead.

The two bus stops Arriva is saying we should now use are at South Newsham Road, where there are only two fields, trees and a very long walk to get to our homes, and in Amersham Drive on South Beach Estate.

Both of these alternatives, especially in the dark winter months, are through isolated paths and fields and many people, particularly the elderly, would feel unsafe using these routes.

Arriva has not taken into account the distance residents of our estate will now have to walk, which will be prohibitive for people with illnesses who cannot walk far or have to carry back heavy shopping, or who have small children.

People also rely on the bus on our estate to get to work, and some people who care for their partners have a time limit to get back to them to keep them safe and well.

There are many reasons why we need to keep this bus coming on a two-minute journey onto our estate.

Arriva could easily solve this by adding a couple of minutes to the journey, or by taking a bus stop from areas where there are many very close together.

There is an ongoing petition, which residents are strongly supporting. Copies of which are going to our local councillor.

Two minutes of time is nothing. We are a community who cares for our safety and health. Arriva should care too.

A Meggison