BUS STATION: Learn from neighbour

The opening of the new leisure and sports complex in Ashington overshadows the new bus terminal nearby, under construction as I write.

If it’s anything like the one in Morpeth that I regularly use to do my shopping, this will be something else. It’s a pleasure to wait for a bus in Morpeth in what I would describe as pristine surroundings.

You’re out of the way of the usual cold, draughty bus shelters in the freezing winter, and while you’re waiting, there is a cafe where you can have a cup of tea or coffee. If you need a magazine or newspaper, you have a kiosk a couple of yards away, where you can also buy light refreshments.

Not forgetting the toilets, which I would describe as the best kept toilets in Northumberland because staff are there all the working day looking after them, clean and immaculate.

Somehow, I cannot invisage the new bus station in Ashington being on a par with Morpeth, but I could be pleasantly surprised.

John Boak