BUSES: Businesses need profit

I write in response to the letter from G Vinsen, who was under the impression that buses were for the convenience of the public, (News Post Leader, October 6).

Friday, 14th October 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 7:33 pm

That’s partially correct, but should bus operators seek to make changes to services because they are running at a loss the criticism levelled at them is often unjustified.

Granted it is annoying and an inconvenience, but look at it another way.

Any company who runs their business at a loss, whether or not it is involved in the service industry, will eventually go bust.

This leads to employees, who quite often have a family, a mortgage, utility bills and many other outgoings to pay, being made redundant.

So get it off your chest, bite the bullet, have a moan, but allow companies to run their business the way they see fit.

Ken Pattie