BUSES: Service cuts are unfair

I believe that Arriva has ruined many residents' lives on our estate through the reduction of bus services.

Thursday, 14th July 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:37 pm
Arriva operates buses across Northumberland and County Durham

Blyth Town Council has left two bus shelters in the hope that Arriva will put back the two-minute bus service.

The number nine bus was taken off our estate, around Sandringham Drive, South Newsham, in September 2015.

We will be coming up to winter weather again soon – snow, rain, and strong winds – and many residents will not be able to walk to the next bus stop as their health and disabilities will not let them.

Shamefully, Arriva left six bus stops in Amersham Road, South Beach Estate, on either side of the road, while it has taken our estate off the bus route completely.

We now have to walk from our estate to theirs to catch a bus. The distance that we now walk is the length of Amersham Road, which is totally unfair.

Many of our residents have health problems and disabilities and now cannot walk the distance to the bus stop. They have free bus passes, but cannot use them, and are having to pay for taxis to and from the shops to buy their food as this is their only option.

Like everyone else, we have doctor and hospital appointments, which some are unable to get to, therefore they have to call a doctor or ambulance out, which puts more strain on the NHS.

I, myself, was walking across South Newsham Road to catch a bus. The crossing was on green, a van went through on red and crossed in front of me. I was totally shaken up.

I got in touch with the police to see if there was a camera there, but there was not.

It seems that we are up against a brick wall with Arriva.

A Meggison