Buses should be arriving on time

ON Thursday, July 21, I was looking forward to finishing work and getting home, like everyone does.

I stood at the bus stop at 2.50pm for the 52 from Ashington to the Freeman Hospital, which comes at 3pm, every hour, once an hour, so if you miss that one you have to wait another hour.

I work on Nelson Industrial Estate in Cramlington, which is out of the way so I have to get two buses to work, one from Blyth to Manor Walks then a connecting bus, which is the 52.

I waited and waited, at 3.20pm I had a feeling the bus wasn’t coming so I walked the bus route to get to Manor Walks, which took me 45 minutes.

As I was at the bus stop I overheard a woman talking about the number 52, as she came out for it in Beacon Lane Estate, which is the only bus that runs through there.

She said it came at 2.50pm, which should have been 3.05pm, so she too had to walk to Manor Walks.

It took me nearly two hours before I sat down from leaving work.

If the bus came at the time it is supposed to I would have been home after 35 minutes.

There should be something done about buses arriving early or late when people like me rely on them.

I get really annoyed when I end up having to walk for 45 minutes to get a bus home because there is no consideration for the public.

I am writing to the newspaper because the bus company just shrugs it off.