Business will not benefit

I write with concern at the article ‘Developer says 286 new homes will be of benefit to village’ (News Post Leader, July 17).

I read with interest the comments of Mike Roberts, managing director of Barratt Homes North East.

If Barratts’ true intentions were to provide much needed housing in the area, then why is it they removed ‘affordable housing’ (albeit only 26 homes) from their application?

There are lots of family homes currently up for sale in the village, who exactly are going to buy these extra houses?

To say Barratts has taken on board people’s comments before finalising the application, really?

Would this be the initial application submitted to Northumberland County Council whereby it was stated ‘New Hartley was within easy walking/cycling distance of Hull’?

Following this error being pointed out in objections lodged with the council, Barratt Homes made further changes to the application, needless to say this probably won’t be the last amendment.

So as for ‘finalising’ the application this statement makes a mockery of the system.

And the comment stated that the proposed development would provide a seven-acre wildlife zone for residents to enjoy, we already enjoy a 27-acre wildlife zone.

Barratts would effectively be decreasing the wildlife zone and endangering species such as great crested newts.

Any development of this size is likely to be totally detrimental to the wildlife.

Furthermore, I fail to see how there would be increased expenditure for local businesses.

This village has a post office and a convenience store, a pub and a club.

The owners/proprietors of these businesses are unlikely to benefit significantly, if at all.

Perhaps Barratt Homes should go back to the drawing board.

Andrew Brennan

New Hartley