A new lease of life for bakery

Bakers Pantry.
Bakers Pantry.

An historic bakery is looking to rise to the occasion as it changes its name.

J Donkin and Anderson’s in Ashington is being renamed Bakers Pantry as part of a major refurbishment.

Managing director David Crook said: “The shops have been under common ownership for some time, but there was understandably a reluctance to change names which have been part of Ashington’s culture for over 90 years.

“However, the shops were in need of refurbishment to bring them up to modern retail standards.

“We’ve also been updating some of our recipes to make them even tastier and are introducing many exciting new sweet and savoury products.

“So this seemed the right time to bring the shops together under a brand which will speak to new customers who are not familiar with the historic names.”

The Bakers Pantry sign appeared over the Milburn Road shop in April and over a new store at 38A Station Road this month, when the North Seaton Road shop relocated around the corner.

The new store will be officially opened by Ashington’s Mayor Ely Turnbull on Saturday, June 20, at noon.

“J Donkin and Anderson’s are historic names in Ashington and we won’t be losing them – we’ll continue to bake here in Ashington and sell the products our customers know and love including our best selling Donkin’s pasties, our Anderson’s steak pies and last but not least our famous Dip,” said David.

Visit www.bakerspan.co.uk for more details.