Blyth boat firm commercial boss retiring after 50-year career

Alastair Brown, commercial manager of Alnmaritec in Blyth.
Alastair Brown, commercial manager of Alnmaritec in Blyth.

Boat-building firm boss Alastair Brown is retiring after a career stretching back over 50 years.

Alastair, commercial manager of Alnmaritec in Blyth, started his working life as an apprentice draughtsman at Vickers-Armstrong Shipbuilding in Newcastle, then the Swan Hunter yard in Wallsend.

He joined the fledgling aluminium-hull boat-builder Alnmaritec in 2003 and helped it expand into the thriving business it is today.

Alastair said: “It’s a very small industry in its own community, where you strike up a better than working relationship with those around you and treat them all as friends.

“That’s what this industry is about – passion, care and feeling. They’re refreshingly honest, basically nice people. That’s who you want to work with, not some fly-by-night.”

Alastair will be replaced as commercial manager by Gavin Sharp.

Steve Hardie, the Wimbourne Quay firm’s project manager, said:“He’s a top bloke.

“I’ve worked with him on and off for six years and have learned a lot from him.

“He’s approachable and very knowledgeable.”

Mark Gulesserian, the company’s managing director, added: “As Alastair retires, he takes with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts which, over the last few months, in a structured and planned way, Alastair has passed on to Gavin Sharp, who is taking over the role of commercial manager.”