Blyth plant celebrating as firm hits sales milestone

Blyth’s Drager safety gear plant is celebrating after helping its German-based parent company hit a sales milestone.

The firm has now sold more than 100 million of its tubes, a short-term gas measurement system have, worldwide over the past decade.

The tubes are often used in the chemical and pharmaceutical, sectors as various gas hazards in plants or laboratories regularly call for on-the-spot measurement.

More than 220 short-term tubes are available for measuring up to 500 gases, and that number is growing year on year.

As changing environmental conditions, new regulations and evolving customer requirements come into play, more sensitive tubes are being developed all the time.

Drager spokesman Kevin Honner said: “We are committed to offering safety solutions that really make a difference to our customers, and I believe this has played a big part in the tubes’ success over the past decade.

“Where gas safety is concerned, the tubes’ measurement system plays a pioneering role, and we’re forward-thinking, in that new technology is being continually developed around our customers’ requirements.”

Drager Tubes provide results immediately after measurement, so there is no need to send samples to a lab for analysis. There is also no need for calibration by the user as the calibration is shown in the form of a scale printed on the tube.

The tubes are sealed glass vials containing solid carrier materials, a chemical reagent which reacts to particular gases or vapours, with a characteristic colour change.

To cause such reactions, a defined volume of ambient air is drawn through using a pump.