Centre is an energy super saver

Keel Row centre, Blyth.
Keel Row centre, Blyth.

A shopping centre has shaved 23 per cent off its electricity consumption after switching on to lighting efficiency.

The Keel Row Shopping Centre in Blyth has made the saving since replacing all of its lights with LED (light emitting diode) bulbs in May.

We’re immensely proud of this project.

Trevor Gyllenspetz, Keel Row manager

The switch was part of the mall’s pledge to reduce its carbon footprint and bid to save up to 70 per cent on energy costs each year.

Other benefits include a reduction in maintenance and repair costs as LED bulbs last longer.

The project was overseen by energy expert Powersave Solutions.

Centre manager Trevor Gyllenspetz said: “We’re immensely proud of this project and it’s no surprise that we are already seeing the benefits both economically and environmentally.”

The Keel Row has recently won Love Energy and Super Saver awards for its work.