Choppington cleaning business reckons it’s got it maid

Sarah Legge, boss of Maid to Butler.
Sarah Legge, boss of Maid to Butler.

A novelty housekeeping business run from a Choppington mum’s home is proving so succesful that it has had to move into an office of its own, in Windsor Terrace.

Maid to Butler was set up by mum-of-two Sarah Legge five years ago and now employs 14 staff, including one new recruit.

“The office is just next to my home, so it is still perfect for popping back to vacuum,” said Sarah.

The 1950s-style housekeeping business was previously based in a sliding wardrobe in her bedroom at home.

“I created the business as I wanted to be at home more with my young family,” said Sarah.

“As I have a terraced house with two messy boys, room is not something we have a lot of, so my husband took the rails out of the wardrobe and put some shelves and a small desk in there instead.

“This is from where I have built the business up, but it has got to the point now where the office is spilling out of the wardrobe, so I really needed some office space.

“I have been able to create a new job due to opening the office, so we now have a team of 14 staff.

“I feel very proud to have created a sustainable business in Northumberland, which, as it grows, will be able to create jobs for more local people.”

The business also offers pet-sitting and house-sitting services.

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