Family launch new podiatry

Ina and Georgina Spratt at the launch of Podiatry @ The Quay.
Ina and Georgina Spratt at the launch of Podiatry @ The Quay.

A mother and daughter have joined forces to set up a new business caring for the county’s feet.

Ina Spratt and her daughter Georgina, have launched Podiatry @ The Quay, based at Arms Evertyne House in Blyth.

Ina said: “The goal has always been to have a Podiatry centre in Blyth, offering the residents of Blyth and surrounding areas a professional and accessible service.

“Finding the appropriate venue for such a venture had proved difficult, but now we are in Arms Evertyne House, we know we have made the right decision.

“This is a regeneration area, and we hope to contribute to the continuing growth and development of the town by bringing people into the area.

“Podiatry is for everyone, and we aim to bring an awareness of the health benefits of podiatry for all the famiily, and provide a caring service.”

Ina’s daughter Georgina is now studing Bsc Podiatry at Durham, and is joining her mum for the new business venture.

Georgina said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside my mother.

“It gives me the chance to gain valuable experience and insight as I train to follow in her footsteps.

“I am very much looking forward to being part of a family run business that already has a proven record of providing a fantastic level of care and support to the local community and beyond.”

For more information call (01670) 432131 or visit