Hallow-lean celebration getting a B-IT scary

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LEARNERS at AVID Technology have successfully completed their EAL Business Improvement Techniques Qualification with Northumberland based training provider LDR Squared.

Throughout the training process AVID Adopted a six sigma methodology in their approach to continuous improvement, and used video footage of their manufacturing process to analyse their processes and reveal variation and the seven wastes.

The tools, techniques and the knowledge of how to apply continuous improvement to AVID is now embedded and left as a legacy from LDR Squared with resources such as the LDR Squared Learner Zone.

Continuous improvement, or Kaizen, is at the heart of AVID Technology.

D Manley, BIT Awarding Organisation External Verifier after a visit to the Cramlington Site, said: “As soon as I walked in I could see that AVID have embraced the principles and practices of the Business Improvement Techniques qualification. “I saw examples of visual management and continuous improvement imbedded into the organisation.”

LDR Squared has worked with AVID to use the Business Improvement techniques qualification to show a real return on investment. AVID was able to use the tools and techniques learnt during the programme to bring about real improvements.

These were to reduce the cost involved in engineering a key process by 50 per cent saving £9,000; reducing the time taken to hand solder by 50 per cent, and improved the ‘right-first-time’ measure of their ‘p-clip’ process from 98 per cent to 100 per cent.

Operations manager Jamie Carrahar commented: “Our main aim was to reduce our operational costs whist maintaining the quality and timely delivery performance that our clients enjoy.

“Video analysis of our manufacturing processes not only revealed hidden wastes but highlighted small improvements that we could make to standardise our work and reduce process cycle times.”