Lynn empowering others to progress

Lynn Tomkins.
Lynn Tomkins.

A leading businesswoman from the county has embarked on a new career to help get more women into management positions.

Lynn Tomkins, from Morpeth, has left her position as UK operations director at Semta to devote more time to developing and delivering a gender diversity programme which she has successfully implemented at a number of companies in traditionally male-dominated workplaces.

Lynn will chair and be an executive coach for Skills 4 – – the UK’s leading provider of the accredited Career Advancement and Progression programmes and bespoke interventions that help global clients achieve their diversity objectives.

Lynn said: “Women represent half the UK workforce but only account for 22 per cent of science, engineering and manufacturing employees.

“They are a great untapped resource at a time when we need a wealth of new talent and higher level skills to improve competitiveness.

“Too many women see their careers put on hold or grind to a halt when they have family. Businesses must do more to help them get into management positions but women themselves need to develop the skills required to take advantage of any opportunities.”

More than 2000 women have benefitted from the Skills4 programme, which continues to be delivered in businesses across the UK.