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News Post Leader readers are being invited to vote for the region’s most iconic civil engineer in a poll to mark the 125th anniversary of the Institution of Civil Engineers North East.

Readers are invited to nominate the people they believe have made the greatest impact on the north east, or those born in the region who went on to make their names elsewhere.

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Institution director Penny Marshall said: “Civil engineers play a major role in shaping society, and their work can be seen all around the north east.

“Likewise, those born in the region have gone further afield and made a huge difference to the landscapes and lives of people all over the world.

“Famous figures such as rail pioneer Robert Stephenson and Ove Arup, who designed structures including the Kingsgate Bridge in Durham, have plied their trade here, and the north east is a global hotbed of civil engineering.”

Founded in 1818, the Institution of Civil Engineers has 80,000-plus members in more than 150 countries.

Ms Marshall added: “As we move towards the 125th anniversary of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ regional organisation here in the north east, it is a great opportunity to celebrate the engineers who have shaped our world.

“To mark the anniversary year, a special leaflet will be produced featuring the top 10 nominated civil engineers so this is a great opportunity for people to have their icon recognised in print.”