Tutor offers sign language courses

A tutor has set up sign language sessions across Northumberland called Hands On.

Experienced teacher Debbie Jervis, who is deaf herself, is offering informal basic tuition at various venues, but learners can also take more advanced Level 1 or 2 British Sign Language (BSL) courses.

The course is at 1.30pm at the Buffalo Centre in Blyth and is being run with the support of a qualified BSL interpreter for the first five weeks to facilitate communication.

Debbie is also qualified to teach a brand new course called Family Sign Language (FSL) curriculum, aimed specifically at teaching families who have young children who are deaf or have just been diagnosed with a hearing impairment.

Debbie said: “I think it is a very worthy class and would benefit a lot of families who struggle to learn how to communicate with their deaf child.”

For further information visit www.handsonbsltuition.co.uk