Busy time for Blyth Coasties

A coastguard rescue team
A coastguard rescue team

Blyth Coasties have been involved in three call-outs over the past three days.

On Thursday afternoon Humber CGOC paged the team along with Blyth RNLI lifeboat to assist a small fishing boat which had suffered engine failure.

Blyth RNLI lifeboat crew secured a tow and brought it back to its birth and handed over to the coastguard team. After initial checks were carried out it was found to have been nothing more than an unavoidable engine breakdown.

The team were paged on Friday evening along with both Blyth RNLI lifeboats by Humber CGOC after they received a distress call from a fishing boat last known to be four miles east of Blyth.

Team members were tasked with locating a suitable vantage point to see if they could locate the casualty boat, while Blyth lifeboats were tasked to carry out a search of the sea.

After a search of the area the casualty boat was found and it was quickly established that one person on board needed first aid treatment and that the fishing boat had suffered engine failure, the casualty was fast tracked back to shore by Blyth Lifeboat and on arrival he was giving first aid by both the RNIL crew and Coastguard team members.

Blyth Lifeboat then returned back to sea to commence a tow of the casualty boat and its remaining three crew.

While the team attended Northumberland live at Blyth Beach on Saturday, Northumbria Police requested Coastguard assistance with a search for a missing 12 year old boy.

A search plan was created, involving Blyth RNLI lifeboat crew being on standby, 13 Blyth Lifeguards, 11 Northumbria Police officers and members of Rapid Reaction, the first aid company involved in providing first aid for the event.

After an extensive search of the area the police had received information that the young male had left the area with a female and was not in the coastal area anymore.