Cadet is hailed a Christmas angel for helping cyclist

Cadet Gracia Travis and Brandon Smith.
Cadet Gracia Travis and Brandon Smith.

A cadet has been hailed a Christmas angel after his quick actions helped a woman who was knocked unconscious when she fell off her bike.

Gracia Travis had been cycling from her home in Bedlington to work in Blyth when she fell off just yards after setting off.

She suffered significant facial injuries as well as fractures to her arm, and lost consciousness.

But passing Air Cadet Brandon Smith raced to the scene, putting into practice the first aid skills he had learnt at his squadron.

Gracia, who lost all memory of the accident, said: “I am slowly on the mend now but am aware if it had not been for Brandon’s swift response, and the fact he was there, things could have been so much worse.

“When I fell I hit the side of my head and became unconscious, I also fractured my cheek bone and wrist and elbow.

“I must have also done something to my chest as I couldn’t breathe and thankfully Brandon noticed this and got me into the recovery position. He also kept talking to me and managed to get my name.

“He was an absolute angel and I will be forever in his debt.”

Her partner, Albert Duffy, who tracked down cadet Brandon, said: “A neighbour told us how the Air Cadet had raced back to help Gracia using the life saving skills that he has learned in the Air Cadets.

“He carefully put her into the recovery position, made sure that her airways were clear and that she was as comfortable, and stayed with her until the ambulance came.

“He kept her mind active by talking to her and took such great care over her which could have possibly saved her life, for which we will all be eternally grateful.

“We are all extremely grateful to everyone concerned for their help and care towards Gracia to ensure that she was kept safe, warm and so well cared for until the emergency services came to take over and continue with the attention that she needed.

“Gracia was able to meet Brandon for the first time since the accident.

“We were both pleased to be able to thank Brandon today in person when he called around with his Commanding Officer. He was very pleased to see Gracia is on the mend and recovering well after her accident, which could have easily have turned to tragedy if it hadn’t been for Brandon’s swift actions.”