Call for action to get pension for firefighters

Councillors have called for the government to take action in ensuring firefighters get a fair pension.

Northumberland County Council passed a motion last week urging politicians to negotiate a fair settlement in the long running dispute.

The motion, put forward by Coun Terry Johnstone, was voted in favour 41-0, whilst 14 abstained.

“Negotiations are still taking place in Scotland and Wales as the devolved governments consult on revised pension offers,” he said.

“However, firefighters in England are preparing to take strike action as the Westminster government try to force through unfair and unworkable pension regulations.”

Guy Tiffin, FBU brigade official, added: “This is a clear statement by Northumberland council.

“If the devolved governments of the UK can all genuinely negotiate on pensions and avoid strike action, then Westminster can do the same.

“Firefighters in England have been forced into strike action as Westminster are not listening, are robbing our pensions and do not want to see firefighters get a fire service pension that is appropriate to the occupation.

“It is entirely in the hands of the Westminster government to end this dispute and make a fair offer to firefighters in England.”

The council will write to fire minister Penny Mordaunt.