Calls for lifeguards at harbour

The harbour area in Seaton Sluice. Picture by Jane Coltman.
The harbour area in Seaton Sluice. Picture by Jane Coltman.

A group of young people in south east Northumberland have launched a petition calling for lifeguards to be stationed at the harbour in Seaton Sluice.

The group of 13 children and two adults say they have witnessed a number of people jumping into the harbour over the summer, where they can often get swept out by the tide.

They are campaigning for lifeguards to be on hand to save people should they get pulled out by a current.

As it stands, they believe the current measures, life rings stationed on the beach, are not enough.

Grace Crozier, one of the youngsters, said: “Some of the boys in our group live near the harbour and they say there are always people jumping in.

“There was once an incident where a group was jumping off the harbour and one of them got dragged out to some rocks. Luckily he managed to get out.

“We don’t think the life rings are enough. There needs to be more lifeguards and we need people to be aware of how dangerous the water can be.”

As well as petitioning for lifeguards, the group also wants people to be more conscious of the tides and currents so they can prevent such incidents happening again.

Grace added: “They need to know where the safest places are if they are wanting to jump.”

Their petition has been posted on a Facebook page named Safeguard Beaches Safeguard Lives.

It has received 29 signatures so far, with the group hoping to take it to the council once it gains more support.