Campaign bids to save young lives

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Young people are being urged to stop their friends from driving like an idiot on the roads in a bid to reduce collisions involving inexperienced motorists.

Road Safety GB North East has launched a ‘Don’t Drive Stupid’ campaign this week in a bid to help save the lives of young people.

Figures show that between 2008 and 2012, there were 1,856 young casualties in road accidents in Northumberland, the second highest figure in the region.

Of those, 21 young people were killed, 188 seriously injured and 1,647 slightly injured.

Officials at Road Safety GB North East said a large proportion of the accidents were the result of inexperience and bravado, as well as drug and alcohol impairment, with peer pressure a key tool in encouraging young people to drive more sensibly as the weather deteriorates.

Almost a third of casualties on north east roads are caused by drivers aged between 17 and 24, with the greatest number taking place between November and January.

Local authorities are being encouraged to apply for funding to enable them to offer further driver training to people under the age of 24, with Northumberland County Council securing funding to run the course.

For more information on the course contact Les Gilbert on (01670) 624113.