Campaign to help ease rent fears

Residents are being urged to put their rent first as the end of the year nears.

Homes for Northumberland’s Rent First campaign aims to make tenants aware of the importance of their rent payments and the options available to them if they are experiencing problems paying their rent.

The firm is also working alongside Blyth Citizen’s Advice Bureau to advise tenants about their benefits and help with the anxiety of debt.

Samantha Mason, director of neighbourhood services at Homes for Northumberland, said: “Rent arrears occur when you don’t pay all or some of the rent you owe your landlord.

“If you are in financial difficulty and need support and advice on how to pay your rent, then Homes for Northumberland is here to help you.

“We understand that it can be difficult to manage your money especially over the Christmas period – so we are offering a number of ways for you to seek advice on any financial difficulty you may be facing at this time of year.

“We appreciate these are difficult times and want to help in any way possible to find a solution to people’s rent arrears to get their payments up to date as quickly as possible.

“We are delighted to be working alongside CAB to help offer tenants the help and support they need to pay their rent.”

Bernard Pidcock from Blyth Citizens Advice Bureau said: “We know that it is so very easy to get into debt, and so very difficult to get out of it.

“Peace of mind is debt free, and that’s our hope for everyone this year.”

For more information call (01670) 542424.