Campaign to ‘sort out’ the trouble

Residents are being urged to ‘report it to sort it’ as Northumbria Police launches a new campaign to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The campaign aims to help people understand what anti-social behaviour (ASB) is, encourage them to report it to police and explain what service they can expect from the force.

In a message to residents, Northumbria’s Chief Constable Sue Sim said: “You have told us that you are concerned with ASB.

“ASB has an impact on our communities and we do not want anyone to stay silent about what is happening.

“We want you to help us identify where there are problems and give us a call.

“Working with our partners we can then start to help you with your issues.”

She added: “The actions of everyone, regardless of their age, impacts on others’ lives and this can be positive or negative.

“We would encourage people to show respect, tolerance and consideration to others.”

Among the issues which are described as anti-social are under-age drinking, young people causing a disturbance, illegal use of motorbikes, noisy neighbours, litter, fly-tipping, loud music, graffiti, harassment and rowdy behaviour.

The campaign has been backed by Northumbria Police Crime and Police Commissioner Vera Baird QC.

She said: “I am committed to ensuring that Northumbria Police does everything within its power to tackle anti-social behaviour.”

Reports of anti-social behaviour can be made via 101, 999 in an emergency, text via 07786 200814, online at or at any police station.