Campaign warns of quarry dangers

EVERY year, young people put themselves at risk of injury and even death in their local quarries.

Tragically in July, a teenage boy drowned in a quarry in Lancashire.

I would appeal to parents to ensure their youngsters are not tempted to enter into quarries uninvited.

While some of the hazards that they may expose themselves to are obvious, others are less so.

The water in quarries can, for example, be icy cold and deep with unexpected currents and obstacles hidden below.

As part of our annual campaign, the Mineral Products Association has a Facebook page Stay Safe ... Stay Out of Quarries, which includes videos that highlight not just what can happen if you venture into a quarry without permission, but also the huge impact that the death of a young person in a quarry accident has on their friends and families.

They are resources we hope parents and other members of the community will use to help deliver our warning. The videos can also be viewed on YouTube (type in – Stay Safe Stay Out of Quarries)


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