Car park is county council managed

Keel Row shopping centre in Blyth would like to respond accordingly to customers who have had concerns upon receiving parking tickets in the car park.

Keel Row would like to inform all customers that the car park is not owned by the centre. It is owned and managed by Northumberland County Council.

The centre has contacted the council and double yellow lines will look to be painted on the designated spots in due time.

In the meantime, Keel Row shopping centre would like to advise the public not to park in non-designated bays.

As centre manager would like to assure all customers that I have tried to deal with this parking matter as efficiently as I can and would like to advise all customers wishing to shop at the Keel Row to take note of the parking permit signs displayed outside.

We can’t be held responsible for customers receiving tickets going forward.

Centre Manager

Keel Row