Car parking is a problem

Bernicia’s planned improvements to Burnside Estate (News Post Leader, August 21) are very much welcomed by the tenants.

The estate is long overdue refurbishment and the improvements to the properties will improve the standard of living greatly.

However, many of the residents believe that the issue of parking is not being dealt with properly.

Four two-bedroom properties are to be demolished and the area that they stood on and part of the playing field is to be used for the parking of just 22 cars.

There are 144 houses on Burnside, many of which have cars currently parked outside.

The estate road is so narrow that cars have to be parked half on the footpath so that traffic can get through.

In the evenings and weekends, when people are in from work and more cars are parked, this makes it extremely difficult for emergency vehicles to get through, this has been highlighted twice in recent weeks where ambulances have struggled to get through on emergency calls.

This estate was completed in the mid 1930s and the road was more than suitable for the traffic using it then.

With more people owning cars, something more needs to be done to alleviate the problem to get considerably more than the planned 22 vehicles off the street.

It is a dead certainty that only those of us who live within close proximity of the proposed car park will use it.

The car park will be unsecure and unlit, people will want their cars to be parked where they can keep an eye on them. No one is going to walk half way round the estate to collect their car.

Over the last two or three years, much of the bad reputation that Burnside had gained has gone. The estate is a much more pleasant place to live and anti-social behaviour is very much on the decline.

This is very much down to the zero tolerance on ASB adopted by Bernicia, people are actually wanting to come and live here now.

Some people who have recently moved to the estate have commented on how quiet it is, nothing like how it was perceived by others.

The people of Burnside are very much looking forward to the refurbishment, but much more thought needs to be employed to getting more cars off the very narrow street.

Do we have to wait for a fatality caused by the delay in getting and emergency vehicle through? I sincerely hope not.

Keith Scantlebury


Burnside Estate Residents’ Group