Celebrating the work of school support staff

Staff supporting children in Blyth schools have been honoured for their work.

As part of the Stars in Our Schools campaign, Ronnie Campbell MP attended Blyth Academy to help celebrate the work of the support staff.

Stars in Our Schools has been organised by the trade union UNISON, and seeks to draw attention to the work of school support staff and the role they play in educating children.

Blyth Academy was one of hundreds of sites across the UK taking part on the day.

Recent teacher surveys have found that school support staff bring considerable expertise to the classroom, help hugely with administrative responsibilities and allow teachers far more time to plan and prepare lessons.

Ronnie Campbell said: “School support staff have an incredibly important role in making sure our schools run smoothly and I’m proud to celebrate their work as part of this year’s national Stars in Our Schools day.

“I encourage all my constituents to support this fantastic campaign.

“I was also delighted to sign a motion in the House of Commons which draws attention to the campaign within Westminster, along with many of my colleagues.”

The day was seen as a huge success, and the campaign is already seen to have significantly raised the profile of the work that school support staff do.