Celebrating their county

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A Cramlington primary school has celebtrated Northumberland with a ‘Golden Day’.

Pupils at Eastlea Primary took part in a selection of varied activities with a Northumbrian theme.

With support from local musicians and dance tutors, the children had the opportunity to ‘have a go’ at maypole dancing in the school hall, clog dancing and ‘rapper dancing’ using real swords for the older pupils.

Everyone had the chance to learn and perform traditional Northumbrian songs and watch clog dancers and hear Northumbrian pipes.

Headteacher Emma Beeston said: “Golden Days at Eastlea are always special, but the recent Northumbrian day turned out to be one of our best.”

“Everyone had a fabulous time and, thanks to the support from people from across the county and beyond, the children certainly have a far greater understanding about Northumberland and their local culture.”